dare to create


Your club, your model

First step, choose your club from the many officially licensed clubs that we offer. Then, from the range of models available, create the one you like best!


Team star

Once your model has been chosen, it’s time to personalize your trophy! Below the logo of your favorite team, upload your photo or that of a loved one to make the best possible gift!

New! If you check the “Team Star” box, our designers will transform your photo as if he or she was part of the team! The jersey will of course be adapted to the color of the trophy you have chosen...


A name to remember...

3rd step, personalization of the back side of your trophy, on which you can write a number and a name, like the pros!


Your trophy!

Once your customizations have been chosen, our teams take care of the design of your product, here is what it could look like, not bad?


Order ready, now it's time to package your trophy, in a box in the colors of your club which will perfectly enhance your product and make one or more people happy!